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Looking for Hebrew gender neutral baby name ideas? You're in luck! Find out the meaning of names and browse our inspirational lists for ideas at Kidadl All Hebrew Names - Hebrew and Israeli unisex names for baby, boys and girls including meaning and numerology, Search over 1200 male and female unisex names by categories. Random Name Searc

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  1. Deriving from Japanese roots, this name means sincere, honest. Gender Neutral Names. 60. Mani. With Aboriginal origin, this unisex name means equal. 61. Nur
  2. Androgynous baby names 2021: From the most popular unisex names to the most unique gender neutral names, there's 126 to choose from on Closer online
  3. Agam f & m Hebrew. Means lake in Hebrew. Agrippa m & f Ancient Roman, Biblical. Roman cognomen of unknown meaning, possibly from a combination of Greek ἄγριος ( agrios) meaning wild and ἵππος ( hippos) meaning horse or alternatively of Etruscan origin
  4. g for queer people in the.
  5. ine name Yaffa, meaning Beautiful. Variants: Jaffe (neutral-gender) and Yaffe (neutral-gender) Keywords: appearance, beauty, two syllables, virtue Yafumi (やふみ). Japanese. Meaning depends on the kanji characters chosen to write it, some options for which follow; there are others. 1. 耶風光. Meaning Father, wind, laugh

Angel. such a sweet name for your bundle of joy that means messenger of God. Archer. I love this strong and beautiful unisex baby name that means one who wields a bow and arrow. Arden. is a Hebrw name that means 'a place of great beauty and solitude'. Ashton. this beautiful name means ash tree town There, leaders have adopted the gender-inclusive plural suffix, chaverimot, in their camps and youth groups and created a new gender-neutral singular suffix, -ol, which has its roots in the Hebrew word kolel, meaning inclusive. Now, a camper who identifies neither as a male camper (chanich) nor female camper (chanichah) is a chanichol Cool Gender-Neutral Baby Names Arden: An English name meaning valley of the eagle, but it also has origins in Hebrew as a word for the garden of Eden. Auden: Of Old English origin meaning old friend. Bailey: A surname originating in the Middle Ages in England, it means bailiff or enforcer of. The most popular neutral names are Saša and Nikola, both of them having a bit Russian (or East-Slavic) connotation. Other names of that paradigm are Áda, Jarka, Jára, Jindra, Jirča, Jirka, Kája, Mára, Míla, Mira, Míša, Míťa, Nikola, Péťa, Saša, Stáňa, Sváťa, Štěpa, Vlasta, Zbyňa, Zdena

The name is from Hebrew meaning lion of God and was used in Shakespearian writing. This makes it a unique gender-neutral name. Rowan — According to Norse mythology, the first woman came from a type of tree known as a Rowen. This name has been used as a gender-neutral name for several decades Use this Gender Neutral Name Generator to find countless random unisex names for your next gaming adventure, story or any other kind of project. Enjoy! Generate unisex names Get ideas . Copied! Add to Home Screen. See previous results Copied! New Story Shack tool Taleforge: Creative writing exercise. Expect the unexpected. Set a timer and complete prompts while you write. The more you manage.

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  1. ine or masculine. If you're considering a name that's both original and unexpected then you'll find some great choices in our list below
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  3. Updated on May 19, 2020 A gender-neutral name is unisex, meaning you can give it to a girl or a boy. Some gender-neutral names like Avery and Kennedy are traditionally last names that turned into first names. Other names, such as Dana and Leslie which were once mainly boys names are now more common for girls
  4. ine God language. One can alternate using he/him and she/her pronouns, as well as alternating between mother, father, king, queen, etc. English Language. Neutral Term

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  1. Gender neutral names are in trend now because the concept of gender has shifted drastically. Parents are now encouraged to allow their children to embrace whoever they are or turn out to be in the future. Since none of us knows how exactly our kids will grow up to become. It is important to allow the child space to grow - and one way of doing so is by giving them gender neutral Asian names.
  2. ine lilt, the name has gained popularity with parents of girls as well. Nameberry reported that Azariah is now shared almost equally between the sexes.This beautiful moniker has held its place in the top 1,000 baby names in the.
  3. Eden - Delight or paradise. Origin: Hebrew. Ellis - The Lord is my God. Origin: Welsh and English. Emmerson - Brave and powerful. Origin: English. Evan - Youth or young warrior. Origin: Welsh. Finley - White and fair, or warrior and hero. Origin: Scottish. Forest - The woods. Origin: Old French. Gavi - God is my strength. Origin: Hebrew. Gray - The color grey. Origin: Scotland, Ireland, and England
  4. ine. Neutral names can help make it safer for people to explore.
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  1. Some parents want to pick a name and don't want to know the gender at all, and some simply just like the sound of a gender-neutral name like Riley, Addison, Sam, or Avery. Still others like to be on top of baby name trends, and right now unisex baby names are more popular than ever, especially among more educated, urban, and progressive parents - they are funky and cool, and are still pretty unique in the grand scheme of things
  2. The name is from Hebrew meaning lion of God and was used in Shakespearian writing. This makes it a unique gender-neutral name. Rowan — According to Norse mythology, the first woman came from a type of tree known as a Rowen. This name has been used as a gender-neutral name for several decades. Famous people with the name Rowen include.
  3. ine name as well and it means destruction. For a strong and unusual baby name, choosing a name related to destruction is a bold choice for your child. Abaddon . Meaning: Ruin, destruction Origin: Hebrew Gender: Boy. Agastya. Meaning: Destroyer of.
  4. Gender-neutral names are getting so popular these days that we see dozens of rare and unique unisex picks finding new favor with parents.. Lovers of unisex names can have trouble finding choices that aren't overexposed, with familiar choices such as River (#197 for boys in 2018, and #244 for girls) and Rowan (#129 for boys, #211 for girls) enjoying double the popularity
  5. g style a chance to tap into the fun.Let's run down some noteworthy unisex names for girls, shall we
  6. We are building a bigger tent for nonbinary Jews through a third-gender grammar systematics for Hebrew, guided by our Torah and Talmud that teach us to rejoice that which cannot be neatly categorized
  7. ine noun. So is the Shekhinah - the Presence of God. Does this mean the Spirit of God and the Presence of God are female? Take for example the word animal -- hayyah in Hebrew. Hayyah is a fe

We love the way this name sounds for any gender. It is a Hebrew name meaning lamp of God. Nobel ; A name of English origin meaning noble, of good character, this is a perfect name for any person of integrity. Normandy ; This gender-neutral name is French. It means land of the northern folk, and we love the way it sounds! It has great nickname potential, including Norm, Norman. Alex - The gender-neutral version of Alexander and Alexandra. 6. Alexis - The name is of Greek origin and means defender or helper. 7. Andy - Means strong in French. 8. Angel - Means messenger in Greek. 9. Ariel - Ariel is Hebrew for lion of God. It's also used in the Bible's Old Testament as the alternative name for the city of. While gender-neutral Hebrew is still very much in development, below are some current best-practices for inclusive Hebrew. Ceremony name. Rather than Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah, some people opt for the more neutral B'nai Mitzvah. Technically, B'nai mitzvah is the plural masculine form, but because in Hebrew mixed-gender groups defaults to male language, it's still somewhat ambiguous. There are so many things that come into consideration when choosing a baby name.We want to make sure it fits our last name, goes with any other kids that we have, and we should look into the meaning so there are no awkward connotations that become a regretful surprise. But many parents are also searching for strong gender neutral baby names, and there's a lot to choose from

Insane list of 1,800+ gender neutral names. Find a perfect and truly unique unisex name from this badass megalist. Explore the hidden personality of each name (Page 23 Gender-neutral names have never been more popular and the best bit is you only have to find one name you like rather than two Jordan is of Hebrew origin meaning flowing down. The name was originally given to those baptised with Holy Water from the river Jordan, the only river in Palestine and where Christ was baptised. 10) Bailey This strong sounding name is of English origin meaning. As mysterious as they are handsome, gender neutral names for boys are always in style. These neutral names give your son a clean slate to paint however he'd please, without the influence of being super masculine.While you may think they're rare, there are more unisex boy names than you'd think

Insane list of 1,800+ gender neutral names. Find a perfect and truly unique unisex name from this badass megalist. Explore the hidden personality of each name (Page 25 Discover more posts about gender-neutral-names. Log in Sign up. Recent Top. oh-ay. Follow . List of gender neutral names with meanings and origins: So, I was going to send this as a message to @oabuckvu, but instead I thought I'd post this here since others may also find it helpful! A: Addison- child of Adam- English Adina- slender- Hebrew Alby- from Alba- Latin Ally- friend- English Ash- ash. A neutral name that can be used for both genders is called a gender-neutral name. Nowadays, every parent wants to prevent gender inequality or sexism, and this would also help in the future of your child. Gender-neutral names help promote gender equality. Most parents are in search of unique names for their baby Unique Gender Neutral Names from A-E Aarya, meaning prayer or Goddess. Origin: Sanskrit. Addison, meaning son of Adam. Origin Old English Alby, meaning coming from Alba. Origin: English Angel, meaning god's messenger. Origin: Greek. Arden, meaning eden. Origin: Hebrew Arlo, meaning.

Baby Names helps you find that perfect baby name. Use our gender neutral baby names page to give you some inspiration on choosing a gender neutral name. At Baby Names we have the belief that any name can be used for any gender The inspiration for the names can come from places, family surnames, or popular culture. Gender-neutral names give children the freedom to be gender-fluid and avoid sexism based on their names. Of course, any name can be gender-neutral if you want it to be, but these are some of the ones that new parents swear by Picking a gender-neutral baby name is becoming very popular, and there are tons of reasons why parents are turning to unisex names when picking the perfect moniker for their baby-to-be. We pulled together 350 baby names that work well as boy names and girl names, and did the painstaking research for you. We researched the origin of each baby name, its meaning, and checked the Social Security. 26 Gender-Neutral Baby Names And Their Meanings. Having a baby? Look no further. by Andrea Hickey. BuzzFeed Staff . Getty Images 1. Bailey. Getty Images Bailey originated as an English and French. Elliot actually began as a last name, so its entrance into first name land has always been marked as gender-neutral. It comes from the Hebrew name Elijah and formally means Lord is my God. The best part about the name, though? It has so many adorable nicknames for both boys and girls. Blake . I knew a female Blake in elementary school and thought the name was so unique for a girl. But.

B Unisex Names, Gender Neutral, Irish, Names You Haven't Heard, Scottish, Unique, Unisex. Save . read more. Save . Quartz Q Unisex Names, Gemstone, Gender Neutral, Unisex. Save . read more. Find a baby name. Search for: Popular. Save . 24 of the Prettiest Girl Names you Haven't Heard. Save . 100 Cute First & Middle Names for Boys . Save . 100 Cute First & Middle Name Combinations for. 200+ Unique Gender Neutral Names. Choosing a gender-neutral names for babies is becoming increasingly popular for parents across the globe. These gender neutral names are perfect for any parent, but especially perfect for those who are looking to break the mold of having a generic baby name Gender neutral baby names are on the rise.The growth is part of a larger trend of defying traditional gender roles and stereotypes. Linda Murray, editor in chief of BabyCenter, explained the growing popularity of unisex names to the New York Times. Today's parents have moved beyond the dichotomy of boy and girl names, she said

25 Gender Neutral Names For Your Baby - Baby Unisex Names Last Updated: October 22, 2020 While most parents do not like the wait and would rather want to identify their baby's gender in the form of a huge gender reveal party ; there also are some parents who like to keep it a surprise Looking for a gender neutral name for a girl. Nothing too wild but also want a gender neutral name that not everyone hears for a girl (like Charlie, for example). Keegan is on our list but I'm not totally sold Gender neutral names, otherwise known as unisex names, are names that can be given to both boys and girls. These names are becoming more and more common within developed, English-based countries

Gender-neutral names have been on the rise for a while now, with culture and society's views on fluidity becoming more acceptable. RELATED: 10 Gender-Neutral Baby Names For A Leo Child. However, opting specifically for a one-syllable name is still rather new, with parents preferring to name their kids something quick and sharp, and most importantly, memorable. Yes, one-syllable names can be. Gender-neutral baby names are names for babies that are not gender-specific, making them very similar to neutral names and unisex baby names although equally in no way the same (we talk more on different types of names a bit later!). In English-speaking countries, gender-neutral names are more common than you might think, and they're growing in popularity all the time

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A list of names in which the gender is unisex (page 2). Francis m & f English, French English form of the Late Latin name Franciscus meaning Frenchman, ultimately from the Germanic tribe of the Franks, who were named for a type of spear that they used.This name was borne by the 13th-century Saint Francis of Assisi, who was originally named Giovanni but was given the nickname Francesco by his. There are plenty of names to choose from for boys or girls but unisex or gender-neutral names are also becoming increasingly popular. The most popular unisex baby names are sometimes traditional names that can be used across the genders, but names that take inspiration from the natural world and places, surnames, spelling variations and modern invented first names are all being used as well. The Hebrew word for gender is מין (miyn, Strong's #4327) and is the word used in the following verse. And God said, Let the earth put forth grass, herbs yielding seed, and fruit-trees bearing fruit after their kind, wherein is the seed thereof, upon the earth: and it was so. (ASV, Genesis 1:11) In Hebrew, there are only two genders, masculine, זכר (zakar, Strong's #2145), and. If you are looking for gender-neutral girl names, here are some beautiful unisex baby names you will fall in love with. Addison: It is an Old English name that means the child of Adam. It has been a popular name for boys until the 2000s, and now it is taking over as a trendy unisex girl's name. Adrian: Adrian finds its roots in Latin and Greek. It means someone who is of the sea or Hadria. It. Gender-Neutral Rainbow Baby Names. Atlas- A greek mythological name meaning enduring Joie - The name means Joy with a french flair. Jesse- This stems from the Hebrew name Yishai which means gift. It can be more made unisex by spelling it Jessie; Mirai- This Basque name meaning miracle is appropriate for your miracle bab

Here are some gender neutral names I've heard in real life: Sage. Avery. Ryan ( I don't really think of this one as neutral but I have met a baby girl named Ryan) Sparrow ( I met a girl with this name and it's also the name of a male celebrity baby.) I think a lot of nature names could go either way, if they're not flower names. Skye, Cloud, etc. 2. By Kismet_1. January 28, 2014 1:53 AM. an. Shaleigh Irish name meaning princess in the field Shoshannah Hebrew name meaning lily Solara A name with Latin origins referencing the sun Tala Native American name for wolf Vail Gender-neutral name meaning valley Verity Latin virtue name meaning truth Baby boy names It is the perfect gender-neutral name for your little fiery boy or girl. Eden. Eden is a unique and popular gender-neutral name for boys and girls. It means Paradise and originates in Hebrew. The Biblical meaning of Eden is the garden planted by God for Adam and Eve. Noel. The name Noel is of French origin and it means a person born on. Gender-Neutrality When Naming a Dog. Finally, we hope that this guide has been useful to you. We have many other pet names for you to choose from! We really want you to pick the right unisex name for your dog. A dog is more than a gender therefore the name should focus on more than the obvious gender-specific dog names I'm comfortable with it being a gender neutral name now. I would not hold back from giving the name Raven to a male character or a fun female character. It works for both. It used to be very high up on my Do Not Use name list, because I wanted to use it for a child (if I ever ended up having a child, of course). I could only see myself using it for a boy. That's it. Unfortunately, I becam

Aug 5, 2018 - Explore M's board gender neutral names on Pinterest. See more ideas about gender neutral names, names, baby names Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With E. Eden: After the garden, and because this unique biblical place name gives off all the fabulous nature vibes and an air of rebellion, too. It's a gender-neutral name starting with E meaning place of pleasure, delight. Edris: The Welsh/Arabic name meaning lord or studious feels unique to Edward or Iris but also familiar in the. 2.4 Neutral/ Unisex names; 2.5 Rare and Historical names; Maintenance notes This list includes any Hebrew name that is known to be used as a personal name in any cultural or religious tradition. This includes but is not limited to all existing traditions used by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. If the gender of the name is not listed, it is of (as yet) undetermined gender. Inclusion . For. Traditionally, parents chose names based on the child's gender (boy or girl). Now, however, there's a growing awareness about gender neutrality. Many parents are opting for gender-neutral clothes and toys — and baby names are moving in that direction, too. In fact, since the early 1900s, gender-neutral baby names have been on the rise

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Unisex Baby Names That Start with Z. While the list is small as it relates to gender-neutral names for babies that begin with Z, you will be able to find some really amazing names. Zion. Hebrew in origin, Zion is the name for Israel Zaire. it comes from a Kongo term meaning the river that swallows all rivers. Zain/Zay Addie has a long history as a gender-neutral name. It used to be an extremely popular name for girls in the U.S. (especially in the South) in the 1800s and remained popular up until the 1950s. It was also common as a boy's name, although less so, up until about 1910. The spelling Adi is a unisex Hebrew name meaning jewel Mica (pronounce MIKE-uh, like Micah) is also a gender-neutral word name. A PP mentioned Michal. While it looks similar to Michael, this is an entirely unrelated, feminine, Hebrew name pronounced mee-HALL (I also know someone who spells it Mihal). Definitely an option, and of course you could choose to pronounce it however you wanted, but. A gender-neutral Hebrew-English conversion certificate template for adults. . . . (THE HEBREW NAME IN ENGLISH TRANSLITERATION), and let this soul call to the Divine with the name of Adonai, worshiping our God, together with the nation Israel, for the sake of lovingkindness, truth, righteousness, and peace—and may it be God's will. יברכה יהוה אלהי אברהם אבינו. Parents are also choosing unisex or gender neutral names for their babies for such reasons and you can jump on the bandwagon as well. In this article, we list for you some of the best gender neutral names that you could give your baby as from the year 2020. Let's get started. Shall we? Unisex Names that Start with A Ace - The name means unity or noble. However, used to describe.

Whether these names have always been unisex or have grown more genderless over time, these are the best gender-neutral names for babies that you'll want to use immediately It's difficult to think of names that are so much outside my normal preference, but I would prefer names that are truly gender neutral, rather than names that could be (or are) used for both genders, but are much more commonly used for one specific gender. Names such as Elliott, for example, would be a bit more difficult (in my opinion)- although there are obviously girls names Elliott, I. Alright, I'm glad to help. It appears you are looking for a natural name instead of names like bee or frog that most non-binaries prefer. First lets get on thing, changing your name is a big deal and I wish you tons of luck. I'm happy for you,.. A Hebrew name pronounced as ah-VEEV. This is a first name (gender-neutral) and a surname, but also had many other meanings: it is the seventh Jewish month, a stage of growth in grain, the name of the Israeli city Tel Aviv and the name of the season Spring

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The Nonbinary Hebrew Project has been used by people all over the world to create expansive blessings, rituals, art, and more. Check out how to call someone to the Torah, how to do Friday night blessings, and how to count the Omer - and more 32 Unique Gender Neutral Baby Name Ideas. by Stephanie Wilson 7 Jul 2020. 7 Jul 2020. I love unique baby names, especially ones that can be used for either gender. That way you can still give your little one a meaningful name even if you decide not to find out the gender until delivery day. Here are several unique unisex baby names that I know you'll love. Which name will you choose for your. Mar 17, 2020 - Braylin is an invented name with no known meaning Gender-neutral names give children the freedom to be gender-fluid and avoid sexism based on their names. Of course, any name can be gender-neutral if you want it to be, but these are some of the. Grammatical gender. Even in the same language, a difference may arise relating to what word is chosen to describe the Holy Spirit. In Greek the word pneuma is grammatically neuter and so, in that language, the pronoun referring to the Holy Spirit under that name is also grammatically neuter. However, when the Holy Spirit is referred to by the grammatically masculine word Parakletos counselor.

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Unisex names or gender neutral names are used for both boys and girls. If you are planning to name your baby with a unique gender neutral name, then here is a compilation of 101 gender neutral names for your baby Gender-Neutral & Video Game Inspired: 25 Baby Names Gamer Parents Will Adore . Now, exotic names are all the rage thanks to video games and pop culture, and it's the perfect opportunity to name a child something unique. By Amanda Ferris Published Aug 15, 2018. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. As someone that got stuck with a terribly common first name that was easily made fun of there were. Overall, unique gender-neutral names are a step in the right direction to rid the world of gender stereotypes and sexist behaviour. And so if you want to equip your child with equal rights from the beginning, here are unique gender neutral names for you to consider. Here are the list of 101 unique gender neutral names

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This gender-neutral names list will save you lots of time trying to find a unique and meaningful name for your baby. Choose a few names from this list to have it when the moment comes to give your baby an identity: 1. AARYA - This beautiful name means Prayer. 2. AUSTEN / AUSTIN - means Magnificent or great. For every parent, nothing is. So, let's learn more about this gender neutral name. RELATED: Behind the Name: Emma- the historic name and its popularity in Ireland. Pic. Shutterstock. Origins James originates from the Hebrew name Jacob. The name is also found in the New Testament with two apostles carrying the title. James also holds court in royal society. Both Kings in.

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I can go on and on with questioning the gender neutrality of the names of languages and countries — without even including states, cities, counties, islands, towns, and the names of other geographic locations — but does gender neutrality really solve a problem or an issue? I have seen the term womyn instead of woman — but not womxn, which has also been used. Before I get accused of being. If finding a gender neutral baby name is on the top of the to-do list, we've rounded up 26 strong choices that work for both boys and girls These names are known as gender-neutral names, and they're always a viable option for your baby-to-be! That said, there are always a wave of trendy and popular baby names out there! Just recently, NameBerry (the definitive source for baby names) collaborated with The Huffington Post to share the most popular and trendiest baby names on the market at the moment! If you're looking for an awesome. Gender-neutral names have taken hold as modern-day parents try to give their children more liberty in defining who they are. Gender-neutral names, also sometimes called post-gender names, are seen as ways for children to be set free from traditional roles, stereotypes, and limited expectations tied to gender. Today's popular genderless names have varied origins. Some, like Emerson and Blake.

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Gender neutral baby names and unisex baby names are similar, but not exactly the same. We think of gender-neutral names as names that are truly free of a specific gender identity, while unisex names are names that are used for both sexes but may nevertheless skew more masculine or feminine. Of course, the gender divide of names shifts constantly, with some formerly gender-neutral names veering. Popular gender neutral baby names and meanings Addison: An Old English name meaning 'child of Adam'. While this name has traditionally been seen as a boys name, increasing popularity for girls during the 2000s has earned it a reputation as a unisex baby name. Ainsley: Scottish in origin, Ainsley means 'one's own meadow' and, while historically a name for girls, is now considered a. This is one of the few gender-neutral names that is truly unisex, meaning that it doesn't skew heavily one way for boys or girls. As of 2018, the gender-split percentage was reported to be 58.

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Gender-Neutral Star Wars Names. Cassian - this Welsh name meaning curly-headed is the name of a rebel fighter in Rogue One. Dameron - one of the coolest last names in the franchise, this is a great gender-neutral name for your little flyer. Eisley - this sweet gender-neutral name is taken from Mos Eisley, the (in)famous cantina on Tatooine A key trend for baby names right now is gender-neutral or unisex names. Loads of celebrities are doing it - Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher named their daughter Wyatt, while Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have named their little girl James. Whether you're waiting to find out the sex of your baby or just like the idea of a unisex name, take a.

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Gender-Neutral. Some points in our code, documentation and comments contain needless assumptions about the gender of a future reader, user, etc. Example: When the user logs into his profile. Suggestions on how to keep code gender-neutral. These are only suggestions. You make the call. Things to avoid: Gendered pronouns: he / she / him / her / his / hers, etc. Instances of the phrases. know of a gender neutral hebrew name/? momqueer replied with: momqueer: nope, sorry. let me know if u find one. Signal boost, also I have a feeling dragonretirement will have some. Time: 5 years ago at 10:25 pm. Date: August 17th, 2015. Notes: 115 notes. Via: momqueer. oz-lamo-yiten reblogged this from tzniusbutch. iunosteel liked this . gayfilte liked this . stupidjewishwhiteboy liked this. The new mom said that the name is actually quite traditional in Hebrew and a lot of children of Hebrew descent have this name internationally. So boom! Take that hater. It's just a name anyway. 11 Jaime King. via justjared.com. Actress Jaime King is a mother to two beautiful kids, she believes that gender-neutral parenting is the only way to go. In an op-ed piece she wrote for Stylecaster. Blooming Girl, Boy, & Gender-Neutral Flower Baby Names for Your Littlest Bud. Read full article. Sabrina Rojas Weiss. April 22, 2020, 7:50 AM · 3 min read. Click here to read the full article. Gender Neutral boy and girl dog names are most beautiful-sounding and unique names across the globe. Many dog owners are deciding to choose unisex name for their pooch. Unisex names are differing from country to country and language to language. You can decide on the name you love and not have to worry about the dog's gender. We have shared big list of Gender-Neutral dog names that work for. Mar 17, 2020 - Riley is an English boy's or girl's name meaning: rye clearing. The name Riley is also derived from Irish surname Reilly from Old Irish Raghallach

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